11th Economics All Video Lectures

11th Statistics Videos Lectures

Chapter- 1 : Introduction statistics 

Chapter-2 : Collection of data (part 1)

Chapter-2 : Collection of data (part 2)

Chapter-3 : Sample & Cencus Method (part 1)

Chapter-3 : Sample & Cencus Method (part 2)

Chapter-4 : Organisation of data (part 1) 

Chapter-4 : Organisation of data (part 2)

Chapter-9 : Measure of center tendency , Mean (part 1)

Chapter-9 : Measure of center tendency, Mean (part 2)

Chapter-10 : Measure of center tendency, Median and Mode (part 1)

Chapter-11 Measure of Dispersion[Part-1]

Chapter-11 Measure of Dispersion[Part-2]

Chapter-11 Measure of Dispersion[Part-3]

Chapter-11 Measure of Dispersion[Part-4]

Chapter-12 Correlation [Part-1]

Chapter-12 Correlation [Part-2]

Chapter-12 Correlation [Part-3]

11th Indian Economic Development Videos Lectures

Chapter-1 Indian Economy eve of the independence (Part-1)

Chapter-1 Indian Economy eve of the independence (Part-2) 

Chapter-2 Economic Planning, Five Year Plan 

Chapter-3 Indian Agriculture (part 1)

Chapter-3 Indian Agriculture (part 2)

Chapter-4 Industrial Development 

Chapter-5 Indian foreign trade, Part-1

Chapter-5 Indian Foreign Trade Part 2

Chapter-6 New Economic Policy (part 1) 

Chapter-6 New Economic Policy (part 2)

Chapter-7 Poverty(निर्धनता) ,Part-1

Chapter-7 Poverty, निर्धनता (Part-2)

Chapter-8 Human Capital Formation 

Chapter-9 Rural development[Part-1]

Chapter-9 Rural development[Part-2]

Chapter-10 Employment & Unemployment[Part-1]

Chapter-10 Emloyment & Unemployment [Part-2]

Chapter-10 Emloyment & Unemployment [Part-3]

Chapter-10 Emloyment & Unemployment [Part-4]

Chapter-11 Inflation [Part-1]

Chapter-11 Inflation [Part-2]

Chapter-11 Inflation [Part-3]

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