Correlation Practice Questions

  1 Mark questions   Give the meaning of correlation.   What is absence of correlation?   What is scatter diagram?   What does it mean if the correlation between two variables is + 1?   What is positive correlation?   4 Mark questions   Calculate Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation from the following:- X: 1      2            9            8           10         11         13         7 Y: 1      4            8            6              9            11         12          3   Calculate Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation from the following :- Marks in Accountancy:  48   35          17          23          47 Marks in stratified:                  45          20          40          25          45   Calculate Karl Pearson’s coefficient by actual mean method X :          8           4            10         …
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11th Class Economics : CORRELATION

11th English Medium
  Correlation Correlation refers to the associations between variables. When an association exists between two variables, it means that the average value of one variable changes as there is a change in the value of the other variable   Kinds of correlation:- Positive and Negative correlation. Linear and non – linear correlation. Simple and multiple correlations.   Positive correlation: If two variables change in the same direction (i.e. if one increases the other also increases, or if one decreases, the other also decreases), then this is called a positive correlation. For example: Advertising and sales. Some other examples of series of positive correlation are: (i) Heights and weights; (ii) Household income and expenditure; (iii) Price and supply of commodities; (iv) Amount of rainfall and yield of crops.   Negative correlation:…
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11th Economics ,Chapter 4: PRESENTATION OF DATA

11th Hindi Medium
  Tabulation –A table is a systematic arrangement of related statistical data in columns and rows with some predetermined aim or purpose.   Objectives of Tabulation:   Helps in understanding and interpreting the data easily. It helps in comparing data. It saves space and time. Tabulated data can be easily presented in the form of diagrams and graphs.   Main parts of a table.   Table Numbers: If more than one table has been used or presented at one place, it is always better to give them numbers. It makes further reference to them easy.   Title: Title is to the table what heading is to an essay. It appears at the top of a table and gives idea about what is contained in the main body of the table.…
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