Month: September 2017

Correlation Practice Questions

  1 Mark questions   Give the meaning of correlation.   What is absence of correlation?   What is scatter diagram?   What does it mean if the correlation between two variables is + 1?   What is positive correlation?   4 Mark questions   Calculate Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation from the following:- X:

11th Class Economics : CORRELATION

  Correlation Correlation refers to the associations between variables. When an association exists between two variables, it means that the average value of one variable changes as there is a change in the value of the other variable   Kinds of correlation:- Positive and Negative correlation. Linear and non – linear correlation. Simple and multiple

11th Economics ,Chapter 4: PRESENTATION OF DATA

  Tabulation –A table is a systematic arrangement of related statistical data in columns and rows with some predetermined aim or purpose.   Objectives of Tabulation:   Helps in understanding and interpreting the data easily. It helps in comparing data. It saves space and time. Tabulated data can be easily presented in the form of
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