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Chapter-10: Indian Economy at the time of Independence

the features of Indian economy as follows: (i) Low per capita income India is known in the world as a country with low per capita income. Per capita income is defined as the ratio of national income over population. It gives the idea about the average earning of an Indian citizen in a year, even

Class 11 Economics Inflation: Problem and Policies

Chapter 17 :Inflation: Problem and Policies Meaning:  Inflation refers to a situation of increase in the general price level over a period of time. It is a part of business cycles. Indicators of Inflation There are three standard indicators of inflation: Wholesale Price Index (WPI) Consumer Price Index (CPI) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Causes of

Index numbers ,11th class Economics Notes

Meaning: Index numbers is a statistical tool for measuring relative change in a group of related variables over two or more different times. Index number expresses the relative change in price, quantity, or value compared to a base period. An index number is used to measure changes in prices paid for raw materials; numbers of
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