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11th Economics ,Chapter 4: PRESENTATION OF DATA

  Tabulation –A table is a systematic arrangement of related statistical data in columns and rows with some predetermined aim or purpose.   Objectives of Tabulation:   Helps in understanding and interpreting the data easily. It helps in comparing data. It saves space and time. Tabulated data can be easily presented in the form of

11th Economics All Video Lectures

11th Statistics Videos Lectures Chapter- 1 : Introduction statistics  Chapter-2 : Collection of data (part 1) Chapter-2 : Collection of data (part 2) Chapter-3 : Sample & Cencus Method (part 1) Chapter-3 : Sample & Cencus Method (part 2) Chapter-4 : Organisation of data (part 1)  Chapter-4 : Organisation of data (part 2) Chapter-9 : Measure of center tendency , Mean
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